I would like to get accommodations. What do I need to do? - Accessibility @ TU

I would like to get accommodations. What do I need to do?

Student Access offers a number of accommodations to students with disabilities. Some of the most common include extended time on exams, taking exams in a distraction-reduced environment, priority enrollment for classes, interpreter support for the classroom, and class notetaking assistance. To qualify for accommodations, students provide documentation of their disability to Student Access. Depending on the type of disability, there is different information that will need to be provided by the student’s diagnosing professional. Students can schedule an appointment with Student Access staff to discuss the appropriate documentation needed and accommodations available. Once the documentation has been submitted, the student’s file is sent to the ADA/504 Coordinator. The ADA/504 Coordinator reviews the documentation and makes determinations about appropriate accommodations. The decision is then given to the student in writing and Student Access staff will meet with the student to get the accommodations set up.