Thriving with help from Student Access - one student's story - Accessibility @ TU

Thriving with help from Student Access – one student’s story

Katie BakerMaking the transition from high school to college, and battling all of the uncertainties, can be tough and challenging for most students – especially those navigating circumstances that are able to hinder and influence academic performance. There is so much pressure entering your college education, and having those sorts of challenges certainly adds to the pressure.

Personally, I struggled with anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Because of this, getting through school, let alone doing well in school, was scary and intense enough of a challenge. Things as simple as leaving my dorm, attending class, or taking an exam were extremely difficult for me. I feared the new environment and what I would do if I had an attack – the situation wasn’t functional nor did it allow me to thrive and succeed according to my goals.

Finding help with Student Access

Around this time, I was exposed to Student Access (formerly CSAS) and discovered the resources and accommodations that were there for students in my situation. As I’m sure so many can relate to, it can feel tough or even embarrassing to open up about our challenges and ask for help. I was so excited to find a space that encouraged students to seek help so that we are able to thrive and succeed in college – not just survive it!

There is no shame in seeking or receiving accommodations. I found that they give me, and so many others, the opportunity to perform at our best. I no longer feel like I have to set my goals under the limitations of my anxiety, and that has been the most liberating and empowering thing!

Student Access is such an accepting and respectful space that does everything possible to advocate for and assist students — they will work to provide you the tools to better navigate your individual challenges and reach your personal goals. Because of this, I have been able to experience so much fulfillment and so many personal victories that I never thought possible. I’m able to balance my academics with club involvement, research, and other extracurriculars that I really enjoy. I truly feel like I’ve gotten to have a genuine college experience and the ability to pursue my aspirations to the fullest!