Making An Accommodation Request - Accessibility @ TU

Making An Accommodation Request

Applying for Accommodations:

  • Submit the Student Accommodation Request
  • Ask a qualified health care provider to either submit the Accommodation Verification Form and/or submit their own report documenting the conditions/diagnoses, functional limitations, and recommended accommodations.  Download and/or print the Student Accommodation Verification Form (to be completed by Psychiatrist/Psychologist/Diagnosing Physician/Licensed Health Care Provider
  • For requests for assistance animals, students should also ask their health care provider to fill out the Recommendation for Assistance Animal Form.  Download and print the Confidential Recommendation for an Assistance Animal (to be Completed by Diagnosing Physician)

Requesting change/modification to existing accommodations:

  • To request changes to existing accommodations, students should fill out the Request for Change of Accommodations through the Accessibility Services Portal.
  • Submit any documentation from your health care provider with updates, if needed, to explain new needs.


Please note that the forms for requesting accommodations serve as a guide only.  A medical professional may submit their own reports or documents, as long as they contain adequate information to consider accommodation requests (such as diagnosis, functional limitations, recommended accommodations).

Veterans who wish to request accommodations may make an appointment with a licensed Nurse Practitioner or Physician at the Hurricane Health Clinic or a Student Access staff member to review documentation from the VA without submitting medical records in their entirety.  Only relevant diagnoses for requested accommodations will be shared in order to make an accommodation request.