Pathfinders Community Contract - Accessibility @ TU

Pathfinders Community Contract

At Pathfinders, we believe in creating a safe, comfortable environment where all students feel welcome and secure. Our Community Contract highlights our core beliefs, values, and guidelines as a campus group.

Community Contract

Value #1 – Speak with Kindness

At Pathfinders, we only use speech that creates a safe environment for all students, staff, and volunteers involved. This speech is free of hate, malice, and vulgarity. Our speech, to the best of our ability, will cause no harm to others in the group.

Value #2 – Acceptance of Others

In Pathfinders, we accept people as they are. We do not discriminate based on religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, or on any other basis. We accept group members as they are. Though we push each other to grow and learn, we believe in the genuineness of each group member. We accept their shared feelings and thoughts with dignity and respect.

Value #3 – Confidentiality

Our group values confidentiality. As we process, share, and disclose personal stories, we believe in keeping each other’s information private. Our group is a safe space to process thoughts and emotions, and we keep this space safe by not discussing group members’ information.

Wrapping Things Up

We expect all members of Pathfinders – students, volunteers, and staff – to uphold the Community Contract. We maintain this Community Contract because we care for one another and because we keep a safe, warm space for all who join Pathfinders. Upholding this contract is an act of kindness, caring, and compassion for yourself and your fellow group members.

Community Statement

As a member of Pathfinders, I am expected to uphold these values. I, to the best of my ability, will uphold the values of Pathfinders by abiding by the Community Contract. I follow these core values because I care about Pathfinders and the safe space it provides.