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Pathfinders Program

Pathfinders LogoAll students at TU are eligible to receive the benefits of Pathfinders. Student Access is available to discuss these opportunities with students.

Pathfinders Overview

The Pathfinders Program is uniquely designed for our TU students living with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Social Anxiety Disorders. In Student Access, we welcome our students living with these differences, as well as their friends and allies! Our program is specially tailored to meet the students’ needs.

In Pathfinders, students will participate in skills-building groups, social events, and Success Coaching, all with their sensory needs in mind. Our skills-building groups include topics such as building and maintaining relationships, talking with professors, and practicing self-care. Furthermore, our social events use specific tools like sensory-friendly games and service dogs to create a social atmosphere comfortable for all students. Finally, our Success Coaches guide students through academic topics and skills-building sessions, and help students grow as collegians and future professionals.

If you are interested in being a part of Pathfinders, please reach out to Student Access! We welcome you, your friends, and allies to be a part of Pathfinders.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Holden Trainer at or at, call 918-631-2315, or stop by the Pathfinders office on the first floor of Hardesty Hall-Holmes Student Center.

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