Scheduling Exams in the Testing Center - Accessibility @ TU

Scheduling Exams in the Testing Center

Students with approved testing accommodations will be able to schedule their exams, quizzes, and in-class writing assignments to be taken at the Testing Center through the Accessibility Services Portal.

  • Exams, quizzes, and timed writing assignments must be scheduled no later than 3 business days prior to the requested date.
  • Final exams must be scheduled no later than the last day of classes each semester.


To schedule an exam to be taken at the Testing Center, students will:

  • Login to the Accessibility Services Portal.
  • From the menu on the left hand side, go to My Accommodations.
    • Click Alternative Testing
  • Students will then see a box that will open up and list all of the classes that they notified of their approved testing accommodations.
    • Please note, that you can schedule exams without an exam administration form on file
      • If you experience any technical issues while scheduling exams, please take a screenshot and email it to The Testing Coordinator will work with you to figure out the issue and get you scheduled accordingly.
  • Select the class for which you are wanting to schedule an exam(s) for from the dropdown menu.
  • The scheduling screen will open. At the top in the yellow/tan box will be pertinent information regarding testing. Scroll down to find the scheduling form.
  • Fill out the scheduling form.
    • Request Type (exam, quiz, in-class writing, or ATI – for the nursing students)
    • Date (students are expected to take the exam at the same time as the regularly scheduled exam. If you have scheduling conflicts, please coordinate with the Testing Coordinator to make sure that you are able to schedule a time to best fit your schedule.)
    • Time
    • Services Requested: (this is where you can mark the specific accommodations you know you’ll need for the exam)
    • Additional Note: (providing additional notes is very essential in making sure you’re scheduled and accommodated accordingly. For those with scheduling for times that are not the regularly scheduled time, you MUST provide additional notes so that the Testing Coordinator can make sure to communicate with your faculty about the scheduled testing time.)