Use of Alternative Testing Accommodations - Accessibility @ TU

Alternative Testing

  • In general, students are expected to make arrangements to avoid conflicts (such as back-to-back classes) with their accommodations. If there is a conflict, students are expected to take exams at an earlier time or at a time designated by the faculty member to preserve academic integrity. Unless prior approval is granted by both the instructor and Student Access, students must take exams at the same time that the exam is administered to the class.
  • Faculty members provide typical testing durations based on the amount of time it takes most students to complete an exam. In general, extended time is not given for take-home examinations. Any exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis by the University utilizing supporting documentation submitted by the student and information provided by the faculty member about typical test duration.
  • Faculty members and Student Access have the right to refuse testing accommodations if the student fails to provide timely notification (Exam Request and Faculty Notification Letter) of the need for such accommodation. Student Access administers multiple exams with multiple types of accommodations every day, and late requests cannot be set up easily. In the event a student does not provide timely notification of exam needs, the student may also request that the instructor administer accommodations during the regular exam (which may or may not be possible with late notice) or ask if the instructor will give an extension for the exam to be accommodated at a later time at Student Access.

Scheduling Exams

  • The Exam Request is the ONLY notification to Student Access that a student will have an exam. Students should not expect their instructors to make arrangements for them.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to fill out the Exam Request AT LEAST THREE BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE the exam to make arrangements for accommodations.
  • Students must submit Exam Requests (through AIM) AT LEAST THREE BUSINESS DAYS AHEAD of every exam they plan to take with Student Access using accommodations.
  • In the event of multiple exams requiring special services, Student Access reserves the right to require changes in exam times with approval from instructors.
  • More time is needed for scheduling testing accommodations such as a scribe or a reader. Students should submit these requests as early as possible to ensure the accommodation.
  • Student Access administers exams between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Exams outside this time frame cannot be accommodated and need to be rescheduled (with instructor approval).
  • If an exam time is changed by the instructor, the student should modify the Exam Request they have submitted (through the Accessibility Services Portal) – all changes require Student Access approval.
  • In the event a student needs to reschedule an exam for a different date/time than the rest of the class, they should submit an Exam Request for the date/time they need to reschedule for and note the regularly scheduled date/time and reason for rescheduling (on the Exam Request). The Student Access Testing Coordinator will review the request and approve or deny based on information provided by the instructor on the Student Access Exam Administration Form. If approved, the student will receive an email with the proposed date/time from the Student Access Testing Coordinator.
  • Pop quizzes and in-class writing assignments are considered eligible for testing accommodations. In the event of a pop quiz, the student should communicate with the instructor and Student Access Testing Coordinator to make arrangements as advance notice may not be given to the class.
  • Late Exam Requests will not be accepted.
  • A Student Access Exam Administration Form must be filled out for each of the student’s classes. Faculty are sent a link to fill out the Student Access Exam Administration Form when they receive the Faculty Notification Letter (as long as the student has selected that the instructor be notified of their Alternative Testing accommodations). Student Access Exam Administration forms can only be filled out by the instructor.
  • Exam Requests submitted for classes without a Student Access Exam Administration form on file will not be approved.
  • All Exam Requests for finals must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the last day of classes each semester (the day prior to Reading Days).

Using the Testing Center

  • Late arrival for exams will result in an automatic time reduction corresponding to the number of minutes the student is late. Students arriving late to a scheduled exam will adhere to the already scheduled exam end time. In an attempt to duplicate the classroom environment, Student Access cannot allow students to use exam time to study or delay start times to study (or for other reasons) out of fairness to all students. If a student is more than 20 minutes late for an exam, the student will not be allowed to take the exam without approval from the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to ask for approval regarding the missed exam.
  • Breaks to use the restroom or get water will not be permitted unless approved by the instructor on the Student Access Exam Administration Form. Break time is factored into the accommodated testing time and breaks are taken in the testing room. Any exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis by the University utilizing supporting documentation submitted by the student. If a student is approved to leave the testing room for any reason, the student must notify the exam proctor when they leave the testing room.
  • Students agree to abide by all academic policies and academic integrity policies at the University of Tulsa. To promote academic integrity and mimic the classroom environment as closely as possible, students taking exams at Student Access agree to follow certain precautions and cannot bring certain items into the Testing Center. Items prohibited from testing rooms include, but are not limited to, the following: bags/backpacks, purses, electronic devices (e.g., iPads, iPods, cell phones, Smartwatches), jackets/coats, hats. Student Access staff will ask students to empty their pockets and remove hats and jackets prior to the exam, as well as remove electronic devise and turn them completely off (no vibrating or making noise). Students may leave their belongings in a central location with the Student Access Testing Center, but Student Access assumes no responsibility for watching or protecting these items.
  • Student Access staff reserve the right to randomly enter exam rooms to perform academic integrity checks as well as monitor the testing rooms with video surveillance. Proctors may be in the room during the duration of any exam.
  • In the unlikely event that a disturbance occurs during an exam, please notify the Testing Coordinator immediately so that the situation may be remedied. Retroactive modifications to testing conditions are not possible.
  • Students are only entitled to their official university-approved accommodations. If there are special arrangements, faculty will notify Student Access on the Student Access Exam Administration Form (such as use of a computer or more time). However, students are responsible for arranging these special situations (such as bringing their own laptop computer). Student Access will help whenever possible, but, preference is given to students with official accommodations to use our facilities and resources. Student Access reserves the right to audio tape exams if a reader is noted as an appropriate accommodation.
  • Students who do not follow the procedures for scheduling accommodated exams will be sent a warning letter. If it happens again after that, exam accommodations will be suspended until the student meets with a Student Access administrator. The Student Access office reserves the right to deny this service if students have not made the appropriate arrangements before the exam.

Requesting and Utilizing a Scribe or Reader

  • Students who qualify for the use of a scribe or reader for exams are responsible for making arrangements with Student Access regarding the recruitment and usage of a scribe/reader.
  • Scribes/readers are requested using the same procedures as requesting exams.
  • Scribes are to be used as your vessels for writing, not your answer keys.
  • Scribes and readers for exams will be provided by Student Access.