Accessibility Information for Employees - Accessibility @ TU

Accessibility Information for Employees

Accommodations are available to staff and faculty. TU promotes an inclusive and supportive culture to help enable employees and students to be their most productive and successful selves.

We Encourage Self-Identification of Health Conditions

We encourage all employees to self-identify their disability with their supervisor or through University Compliance. This is important to TU’s ongoing mission toward greater inclusiveness. We care about our community and we track the things we care about, and TU strives for a culture of trust to foster inclusion. Awareness of the types of accessibility issues that exist on our campus will help us to better address any barriers and promote awareness of our campus’s needs. This self-identification is voluntary and private–information will not be shared unless you wish to request accommodations, and then it is only shared with people who need to know the information for providing the accommodations and in accordance with the ADA. There are no consequences for not self-identifying. Employees may anonymously self-disclose their condition online. This self-disclosure will not include your name and simply allows us to collect information in aggregate.

Benefits of self-identification include the following:

  • Enable employees to ask for adjustments or accommodations that can help them perform their jobs better
  • Provide employees access to a community of support
  • Protect employees from discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Faster appropriate assistance during an emergency

We also encourage self-disclosure to your supervisor. Self-disclosure is simply making someone aware that you have a disability/diagnosis, and is not necessarily formally asking for accommodations. This self-disclosure can help supervisors to:

  • Proactively reach out about possible accommodations, supports, and adjustments
  • Tailor trainings, meetings, communication, etc. for their employees’ needs

Requests for Training

University Compliance can coordinate trainings about accessibility for groups. Please contact Dr. Tawny Rigsby in University Compliance at 918-631-2334 or