Campus Access Committee - Accessibility @ TU

Campus Access Committee

The purpose of the Campus Access Committee is to advocate for accessibility, inclusion, and non-discrimination across all campus areas related specifically to disability. The Campus Access Committee reviews and makes recommendations for policies, plans, practices, and programming. The CAC may engage in drafting and recommending policies and documents, conducting surveys to evaluate accessibility and inclusion, sponsoring or promoting education and activities about disability/inclusion, and other activities that raise awareness and address issues. University Compliance chairs the CAC.

The Campus Access Committee is an advisory committee comprised of members from across campus areas: University Compliance, Student Access, Counseling Center/Health Center, Academic Colleges and Faculty, Admissions, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Physical Plant and Facilities, Security, Parking and Transportation, Athletics and Event Facilities, Housing/Dining, Veterans Affairs, Academic and Learning Technology, Student Success, Campus Recreation, Environmental Health and Safety, and Information Technology. Student members and students from D-CARES (Disability Connections, Advocacy, Resources, Education and Support) also serve on the Campus Access Committee.


For information or to volunteer for Subcommittees, please contact:

Student Programming: Abby Boehning, Chair

Physical Spaces: Amy Culwell and Anita O’Daniel, Chairs

Awareness Campaigning: Abby Boehning and David Kobel, Chairs

Faculty and Staff Training: Tawny Rigsby, Chair

Accessibility Web Content: Trisha Salas, Chair

Strategic Planning: Tawny Rigsby, Chair

If anyone is aware of an issue related to access on campus, please contact University Compliance at