Tips for Online Class

Read the Updated Syllabi

Read updates syllabus for each course so that you know exactly what is expected and how assignment, exams, projects, etc. are being revised. The instructor is there for you, so email or post questions – do not be afraid to do this. It it especially important for virtual learning.

Maintain a Schedule

Keep a schedule like you would with physically attending classes. Keep using your planner and set up time to “go” to class online as well as schedule study times daily. Don’t deviate from your schedule. Check out various apps for time management on CSAS’s Resources page.

Participate Actively

This will keep you engaged and there are likely points involved in participation online. Participant in discussions and consider forming a study groups with others if allowed in the class. Keep taking notes even if you get transcripts of videos of the lecture.

Use Resources

Set up tutoring proactively by emailing Practice working problems and reviewing material with them. If having lecture content captioned would help you, ask the instructor if they can provide this. TU services are available to you remotely, such as coaching and counseling, so reach out and use them.