Task Management Tips for Online Learning

Tips For Staying On Task

Highlights of note:

  • Set timers! You can do anything for 15 minutes. Or, try building up your time, starting small.
  • Set daily goals (new name for checklist)
  • Break down tasks and go after one thing at a time.

8 Ways to Improve Your Focus

Highlights of note:

  • Block out time and then take breaks!
  • Track your time (apps like Toggl (first 30 days free) or DeskTime (first 14 days free) can help!)
  • Think through what times of day you work best, and stick to it like a regular schedule.
  • Resist immediate responses. That email/text/IM can wait until after your time block. Maybe block out a time block for responding!

7 Ways to Stay on Track During Online Class

Highlights of note:

  • Stay accountable to someone, be that a class buddy or (in our case) a success coach
  • Take notes, even though it’s online.
  • Cultivate a learning environment: “when I’m in [whatever chosen area], I’m in school mode”

5 Tips for Staying on Track

Highlights of note:

  • Communicate with those near your learning environment when your “class hours” are to reduce distractions
  • Don’t assume that online work means more free time. Do not over schedule with work or other commitments.
  • Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind when you feel discouraged about online university

Managing Distractions

Highlights of note:

  • Make note of big projects and start working on them in smaller pieces
  • List apps that schedule tasks and set reminders: Wunderlist
  • Backup assignments to DropBox, SharePoint, or Google Docs

Study Tips for Online Classes

Highlights of note:

  • If you treat your school like a job, you’ll find it easier to stay on task and complete your work.
  • Get off social media (Freedom app?)
  • Utilize online campus resources
  • Keep a cheerful learning environment
  • Make healthy choices, like drinking water, eating healthy snacks, and getting a little movement every hour

8 Tips for Staying Productive

Highlights of note:

  • Be wise with caffeine: too much early in the day can overload cortisol production (maybe a cup from 10-12 or 2-5)
  • Try using passive chores (like laundry or the dishwasher) work as a study timer
  • Dress for success. Getting in learning mode sometimes means dressing like learning mode. Put on pants.
  • Break tasks into groups of 3. Work till those 3 are accomplished, then move on to the next group. Be sure to break up big tasks before breaking full to-do list into groups of 3

Helpful Tips for Online Learning

Video with Dr. Cathy Kennemer


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