Poster: Be an Ally

Eliminate ableism.

Don’t just recognize ableism and audism. Name it and work to dismantle it.

Practice support from a distance.

Disabled people and culturally Deaf people need time and space without nondisabled hearing people. Respect boundaries.

Keep going.

Practice self-care, but keep going. Disabled people don’t get breaks, so join us for the long haul.

Be an ally for other groups, too.

be an ally poster. Text is in the body of the page.

Most people with disabilities have other identities, so celebrate that by honoring all types of diversity and practicing “nothing about us without us” for everyone.


Learn the issues so people with disabilities don’t have to educate you. Remember one disabled or Deaf person doesn’t speak for everyone.

Change your language.

Consider what terms like “lame,” “crazy,” or “retard” mean. Use person-first language until you understand disability-first language.

Value your new perspective.

Celebrate what disability teaches about difference, interdependence, community, rights, inclusion, and equity.

Make mistakes.

Make mistakes, apologize, and learn from them.

Put your new knowledge to work.

Share with others. Go to disability events. Learn ASL or braille. Promote access.

Find disability everywhere.

Change your perspective. Look for ways disability, Deafness, illness, and difference are portrayed in society and the media.

You can download the PDF of this poster here: Be an Ally Poster