5-Day Test Prep Plan

Example ContentReal Example
Course & Test Course Name
Exam 1
Known topics or style
Calculus Exam 1
20 problems
Chapters 1-3
Target GradeGradeB
5 Days Before TestDay
--Isolate most difficult material
--Determine study tool (flashcards, notes, etc.)
--Determine study strategies (rework problems, tutoring, selftest)
--Write out the plan
--Separate chapters
--Focus on chapter 2
--Use flashcards, work problems, get tutoring, review all notes
--Meet with study group
4 Days Before TestDay
--Study intensively-most difficult areas
--Test yourself and recite aloud
--Get tutoring, join study group, see professor if struggling
--Math Lab/tutor
--Work problems
--Make flashcards for formulas
--Read out loud
--Focus on chapter 2
3 Days Before TestDay
--Study remaining and easier material
--Use reciting
--Study chapters 1 and 3
--Review flashcards/formulas
--Visit professor office hours
--Math Lab/tutor
2 Days Before TestDay
--Study all material beginning to end
--Put most time and effort into this day
--Review easy parts
--Study harder parts most
--Review all material
--Go to review session
--Math Lab/tutor
1 Days Before TestDay
--Review briefly
--Get a good night’s sleep
--Review flashcards
--Work several problems
--Go to bed early